Yue Yang, Lei Ren, Chuang Chen, Xinyue Wang, Yitao Fan, Yilin Shao, Kuangqi Zhu, Jiaji Li, Qi Wang, Lingyun Sun, Ye Tao, Guanyun Wang. CHI 2023 


PneuFab: Designing Low-Cost 3D-Printed Inflatable Structures for Blow Molding Artifacts 2023 Access to computer-aided fabrication tools, such as 3D printing, empowers various craft techniques to democratize the creation of artifacts. To afford new blow molding techniques in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, we make efforts to simplify this challenging handy fabrication and enrich the design …

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Thermoforming Smart Orthoses via Metamaterial Structures for Body-Fitting and Component-Adjusting 2021-2022 ThermoFit is an end-to-end design and fabrication pipeline for thermoforming smart orthoses that adhere to clinically accepted procedures. ThermoFit enables the shapes and electronics positions of smart orthoses to conform to bodies and allows rapid iteration by integrating low-cost Low-Temperature Thermoplastics (LTTPs) with custom …

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MagneChase: Create Chasing-Capturing Interactions Using Magnetic Potential Barrier for Tangible Games 2023 “Like poles repel, unlike poles attract” is a fundamental principle of magnetism commonly used in instantaneous haptic interaction. Through the assembly design of basic five magnets, MagneChase creates a potential barrier between repulsion and attraction. This allows MagneChase modules to change the direction …

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EdibleToy: Empowering Children to Create Their Own Meals with a DIYWafer Paper Kit 2023 Existing methods in human-computer interaction to enhance children’s eating habits predominantly rely on digital interactive technologies, which pose the risk of increasing sensory stimulation and diverting children’s attention away from the food itself. Drawing inspiration from shape-changing food research, we propose …

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X-Bridges: Designing Tunable Bridges to Enrich 3D Printed Objects’ Deformation and Stiffness 2022 Bridges are unique structures appeared in fused deposition modeling (FDM) that make rigid prints flexible but not fully explored. This paper presents X-Bridges, an end-to-end workflow that allows novice users to design tunable bridges that can enrich 3D printed objects’ deformable and …

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CoolKit: Modular Robot Construction Kit 2019 CoolKit is a modular robot construction kit that encourages hands-on practice and creativity. It includes plug-and-play motion modules, plastic straws, and connectors for joint movement. With its open-ended gameplay, CoolKit simplifies robot design and assembly in a lightweight manner, making it suitable for users of different ages and cognitive …

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