EdibleToy: Empowering Children to Create Their Own Meals with a DIYWafer Paper Kit


Existing methods in human-computer interaction to enhance children’s eating habits predominantly rely on digital interactive technologies, which pose the risk of increasing sensory stimulation and diverting children’s attention away from the food itself. Drawing inspiration from shape-changing food research, we propose an approach that combines deformable wafer paper for food preparation. We summarize the principles of wafer paper controllable deformation and develop a toolkit to facilitate its use. We support children in creating personalized, transformable food items using this method, aiming to provide a playful, convenient, and safe food-making experience tailored for children, thereby enhancing children’s mealtime engagement and habits.

Created by:
Yilin Shao, Boyu Feng, Yingpin Chen, Yue Yang, Weijun Li, Yifan Yan, Yanan Wang, Ye Tao, Lingyun Sun, Guanyun Wang*

IDC 2023

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