MagneChase: Create Chasing-Capturing Interactions Using Magnetic Potential Barrier for Tangible Games


“Like poles repel, unlike poles attract” is a fundamental principle of magnetism commonly used in instantaneous haptic interaction. Through the assembly design of basic five magnets, MagneChase creates a potential barrier between repulsion and attraction. This allows MagneChase modules to change the direction of their interacting force when brought closer. Applying this interaction principle, we provide application examples of kinetic roleplay to enhance tangible play experiences. A preliminary user study suggests that children were captivated by the magnetic phenomenon and derived pleasure from engaging with MagneChase. We also discuss the potential for MagneChase as a tangible kit to promote enlightenment learning in gameplay.

Created by:
Yuyang Zhang, Yue Yang, Lei Ren, Jie Wu, Jiaji Li, Chuyi Zhou, Yue Tao, Cheng Yang, Guanyun Wang, Ye Tao*

IDC 2023 (DOI)

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