X-Bridges: Designing Tunable Bridges to Enrich 3D Printed Objects' Deformation and Stiffness


Bridges are unique structures appeared in fused deposition modeling (FDM) that make rigid prints flexible but not fully explored. This paper presents X-Bridges, an end-to-end workflow that allows novice users to design tunable bridges that can enrich 3D printed objects’ deformable and physical properties. Specifically, we firstly provide a series of deformation primitives (e.g. bend, twist, coil, compress and stretch) with three versions of stiffness (loose, elastic, stable) based on parametrized bridging experiments. Embedding the printing parameters, a design tool is developed to modify the imported 3D model, evaluate optimized printing parameters for bridges, preview shape-changing process, and generate the G-code file for 3D printing. Finally, we demonstrate the design space of X-Bridges through a set of applications that enable foldable, resilient, and interactive shape-changing objects.

Created by:
Lingyun Sun, Jiaji Li, Junzhe Ji, Deying Pan, Mingming Li, Kuangqi Zhu, Yitao Fan, Yue Yang, Ye Tao, Guanyun Wang*

X-Bridges: Designing Tunable Bridges to Enrich 3D Printed Objects’ Deformation and Stiffness. UIST 2022.

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